Partners and Directors

SGL’s profile is basically the resume of Dr. Paul Stanford Kupakuwana. The company comprises of a fully qualified Health & Safety Management professional, and a receptionist with administrative support. Paul serves as the exclusive proprietor and manager of SGL. He bears personal responsibility for the entirety of the company, encompassing its financial outcomes, losses, and obligations. He plays an active role in each commissioned project, overseeing critical phases and implementing essential adjustments to maintain the highest standards of quality through fire safety consulting and training. We work also with experienced Associates who help support our workload when required. This allows SGL as a fire safety consulting firm to be flexible, responsive, and to maintain quality. In maintaining the requirements of our Health & Safety Management professionals, we promote continuing professional development throughout all levels within the company.
Dr. Paul Stanford Kupakuwana
MBA(Hull), PhD (LeedsMet), EurIng, CEng MIET, CPEng MIEAust, CITP MBCS

Health and Safety Management: NEBOSH-qualified professional with a comprehensive understanding of health and safety protocols. Extensive experience in managing occupational safety and health in accordance with ISO 45001, HASAWA 1974, HSG65, and ACoP L21.

Fire Safety Expertise: NEBOSH and British Safety Council specialized background in Fire Safety and Fire Risk Assessments (FRA). With proficiency in conducting complex assessments to a high standard in accordance with The Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022; Fire Safety Act 2021; Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (“the Fire Safety Order”); Fire Safety Sign Regulations; Fire Alarm Regulations. Competent in Fire Door Inspections (FDI) and on-site inspections, contributing to robust fire safety practices.

Contract Management: Over a decade of successful contract management in UK Local Authority settings. Proven ability to draft tender specifications, evaluate bids, award contracts, and oversee their effective implementation. Strong focus on compliance management, especially in Asbestos Risk Management (CAR 2012; HSG 247; HSG 264), Legionella Bacteria Risk Management (ACoP L8; HSG 274), and Water Hygiene Management (ACoP L8; HSG 274; TMVs; RPZ valves, etc.).

Compliance Enhancement: Track record of implementing programs (including staff training) that enhance compliance in diverse areas of health and safety management. In-depth knowledge and practical application of regulations and standards related to asbestos, legionella bacteria, and water hygiene.

Audit and Report Writing: Proficient in conducting audits and compiling comprehensive reports, ensuring transparency and accountability. Exceptional written communication skills, demonstrated through detailed audit reports and other documentation.

Contractor Interaction and Management: Active engagement with contractors to achieve contract objectives, ensuring effective communication and collaboration. Skilled in computing payments and maintaining a structured approach to contract management.

Professionalism and Ethical Conduct: Impeccable record on the DBS annual update scheme, underscoring a commitment to ethical and responsible professional conduct.