About us

Stanford Global Limited (SGL) is a UK Companies House registered firm (No. 11432382) of a Fire Safety Consulting Chartered Engineer founded in 2018 by Dr. Paul Stanford Kupakuwana. Under the direction of Kupakuwana, the company is growing steadily and has an office in Stanley, County Durham, United Kingdom, which has been developed to ensure potential for further controlled growth.

The driving force behind the establishment of SGL was Paul's recognition of the paramount importance of safety in today's world. The documented consequences of incidents worldwide underscore the critical need for effective health and safety management strategies in various settings. SGL is passionately dedicated to raising awareness about the unpredictable nature of events, advocating for a safety culture, and equipping organizations with the tools and best practices necessary to confidently manage their processes. Our primary objectives are to assist you in:

  • Identifying, analysing and addressing fire risks
  • Enhancing your organization's well-being
  • Implementing practical, solution-oriented systems
  • Reducing your operational costs

SGL ensures the delivery of professional services by accrediting our consultants. We offer our services worldwide, and our clients trust us to provide expert guidance and professional support. We aim to serve a diverse range of sectors, including pharmaceuticals, healthcare, manufacturing, food production, dairy, brewing, chemicals, mining and metallurgy, cement, oil and gas, technology, domestic and public sectors. Paul's dual expertise in engineering and health and safety management allows him to leverage his knowledge to create value across a wide spectrum of unique business opportunities.

Our Ethos

We recognize the imperative of maintaining a high level of competitiveness as fire risk consultants. This necessitates our ability to consistently provide services of exceptional quality that yield tangible results. Consequently, SGL aspires to establish itself as a reputable, high-quality global leader that embodies integrity. We seek to achieve this by cultivating trust-based partnerships with our clients. Our commitment to this objective will be realized by consistently delivering on our goals, always prioritizing the best interests of SGL, adhering to sound commercial practices, and striving to maximize returns for our shareholders.