Services we offer

Fire Risk Assessments (FRA) and Fire Door Inspections (FDI)

Our fire safety consulting engineers are well-versed in legislative regulations and specialize in on-site services to ensure compliance with current laws. They excel in various tasks, including:

  • Fire Risk Assessments (FRA),
  • Fire Door Inspections (FDI), and
  • Fire Safety Awareness Training

As a dedicated and accomplished Chartered Professional Chemical Engineer (and Chartered Engineer) who is highly qualified in Health and Safety Management, Paul brings over a decade of extensive experience in UK Local Authority settings and freelance consultancy. His recent focus on Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) has equipped him with a robust foundation in fire safety practices, including adept handling of Fire Door Inspections (FDI), on-site inspections, and comprehensive audit report writing [(The Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022; Fire Safety Act 2021; Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (“the Fire Safety Order”); Fire Safety Sign Regulations; Fire Alarm Regulations].

Our aim is to guide you in managing risks that surpass minimum expectations and lead to:

  • A happier, safer workforce
  • An enhanced corporate and business image
  • Improved business continuity
  • Enhanced profitability

Fire Safety Awareness Training

We also provide tailored solutions, either on-site or at a designated training facility, which is ideal when training multiple employees without significant disruption to their regular schedules. Explore our comprehensive training calendar for course options or reach out to us at +44 7867301432 or via email at For additional details, visit our website at